Transforming Youth Soccer Experiences Into Lifelong Opportunities




Signing Day Sports provides aspiring athletes with a powerful platform to shape their recruiting journey. From creating comprehensive profiles to showcasing skills, SDS empowers individuals to take control of their future in sports.



Founded in 1999, the EDP stands as a leading force in youth soccer development, organizing leagues and tournaments for players of all ages. With a mission to empower players on and off the field, EDP is a key player in fostering talent and providing pathways to college soccer.


Signing Day Sports X Elite Development Program




  • Exclusive SDS Profiles: Attend an EDP event and leave with a comprehensive Signing Day Sports profile, your digital showcase to colleges.

  • Pathway to College: EDP’s emphasis on college attendance aligns seamlessly with SDS’s mission to guide athletes toward educational and athletic success.

  • Individual Player Focus: While EDP benefits clubs and enterprises, SDS centers on individual players and parents, providing personalized subscription models. 

  • Game Video: All EDP participants will have their game film recorded and accessible through the SDS platform.



How It Works


  • Steps:

    • 1. Participate in an EDP event.

    • 2. Unlock SDS benefits onsite – personalized profiles, discounts and more.

    • 3. Take control of your recruiting journey with SDS subscription options.

Join the ranks of empowered recruits. Start your journey with Signing Day Sports today