Why is Signing Day Sports The Right Service For Me?

Signing Day Sports is your direct recruiting connection to college coaches. Our NCAA compliant platform provides digital resources to upload videos that demonstrate and verify every aspect of your game. Your road to Signing Day begins here.

What Makes Signing Day Sports Different?

With our platform, your videos go directly to college coaches for evaluation. Upload Pro Day Videos to your profile, answer interview questions, verify measurable and share your academic information to let coaches get a clear picture of your abilities. You can contact coaches and communicate with them directly through Signing Day.

When Can I Start Using Signing Day Sports?

You can begin using Signing Day Sports immediately. Incoming Freshman through graduating Seniors in high school are the players using Signing Days Sports to engage with college coaches nationwide. Because the college recruiting process is increasingly a year-round endeavor, we provide very affordable subscriptions models for players to keep their profile active and lines of communication open.

I Just Downloaded Signing Day Sports And Have Paid For My Subscription, Where Do I Start?

The best place to start is your profile. Make sure to fill out your Measurables, Testing, and Academics, accurately, and, if possible, with verification.

I’ve Updated My SDS Profile With All My Attributes, What’s Next?

The next step would be to film and upload your Pro Day Videos. Inside the Pro Day tab you will find various drills that will evaluate the skills needed to be successful at the next level for every position. Make sure to pay attention to the descriptions and how to’s, so that you put your best foot forward on film.

After The Pro Day Film Is Done, What Now?

Continue on to the Interview section. Once in the Interview section, MAKE SURE to watch the tutorial! The tutorial will explain the process and the operation inside the Interview window. Good luck, your journey to Signing Day has begun!