Chad Greenway
Former Minnesota Viking

My goal in working with SDS is to help promote kids like me who may otherwise fall through the cracks.

Chubba Purdy

Being in the transfer portal, I have everything on the line. I knew I had to take the recruiting process into my own hands, so I used the Signing Day Sports app to give me the best opportunity.

Devin Mages
Austin Mages '21

I used other services for each of my boys. The other services were much more expensive and offered much less information to the coaches. Signing Day Sports started with the coaches and built the system for their needs, which ends up being better for the athlete.

Jack Miller

I think the Signing Day Sports app is a great way for players to get their name out there and give them opportunities that they might not get without it. The Signing Day Sports app is super easy to download. Upload your vitals, click on the Pro Day script, and upload your clips. At this point in my career, I’m extremely motivated to work my butt off, to get to where I want to be, to where I know I can be.

Jacob Fitzer
Class of 2021

I’d still have zero offers if it wasn’t for Signing Day. I connected with Lyon College through Signing Day Sports, and now I’m getting an opportunity to play college football.

Janine Beckie
Portland Thorns FC

The Signing Day Sports app provides a new level of technology for student-athletes to connect with college coaches… It’s monumental for players in the game to show what they’ve got.

Mike Doyle
Head Baseball Coach
Sequoia High School

The Signing Day Sports team is highly professional and focused on providing the support to help busy coaches utilize their platform.  The SDS platform increases the odds that worthy kids get discovered by coaches at the next level.  Helping players pursue their baseball goals is important for every coach.

Paul Hansen
Head Coach

Signing Day Sports is changing how colleges recruit. For us at MidAmerica, Signing Day Sports video data has helped us find great talent across the country.

Sierra Romero
Pro Softball; 4-time All-American at Michigan

I’m a better and stronger woman from playing college softball, and I want the same for all young women,” Romero added,” and that’s why Signing Day Sports is so important to me as it connects athletes with opportunities that might seem out of reach. Michigan was the best four years of my life, and I want all female athletes to have the opportunity to experience the same.

Sofia Huerta
US Women’s National Team

I’ve been lucky enough to take the sport I love and turn it into a career following successful collegiate and club stints. Teaming up with Signing Day Sports to raise awareness for the platform’s innovative technology that makes collegiate soccer more accessible to those who want to continue playing was a no-brainer for me.